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Favorite Prayers to St. Joseph

Favorite Prayers to St. Joseph

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St. Joseph obtains favors of any kind, but particularly in family problems, financial needs, purity, dangers, work, housing and a happy death. He is the universal patron---whatever our petition is, you can pray to St. Joseph with confidence. He was the foster father of Jesus Christ on earth, and Jesus still obeys his requests in heaven! God chose St. Joseph over all other men to represent the fatherhood of God Himself in the Holy Family. This book contains all the famous prayers: Novena for a Special Favor, Litany, 30 Days' Prayer, Memorare, for Purity, Conversion, a Happy Death, etc. Priced for wide distribution!

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  • My Heart Will Triumph by Mirjana Soldo

    My Heart Will Triumph by Mirjana Soldo

    Mirjana Soldo was only 16 years old when she and five other children saw a mysterious young woman on a remote hillside in the village of Medjugorje, then part of Yugoslavia. The woman—who possessed a beauty and grace that seemed to come from beyond—identified herself as the Virgin Mary.

    The apparitions that began on the afternoon of June 24, 1981 would dramatically change Mirjana’s life and the lives of countless people around the world. Her claims, however, contradicted the atheistic ideologies of the Communist government and Mirjana was deemed “an enemy of the state.”

    Amazingly, the apparitions have continued for over 35 years. Millions of people travel to Medjugorje every year in search of answers to life’s biggest questions. The messages given by Mary are a call for mankind to return to God. And, according to Mirjana, the Virgin entrusted her with ten secrets that foretell the future of the world—secrets that she will reveal within her lifetime.

    Paperback. 369 pages. A portion of every book sold goes to Mary's Meals, a charity which feeds over a million children every day.

    SPECIAL OFFER: Every copy of My Heart Will Triumph ordered here on comes with a free My Heart Will Triumph bookmark!

    BULK PRICES: is the official publisher of My Heart Will Triumph. Buy the book in bulk to save up to 55%. Learn more.

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    SKU: 40286
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  • Prayers and Heavenly Promises

    Prayers and Heavenly Promises

    A unique little prayerbook of powerful prayers and devotions, including wonderful promises attached that were made by Our Lord or Our Lady, most of which were revealed to various famous Saints. Includes devotions to Our Lady, the Infant Jesus, Precious Blood, Sacred Heart, Divine Mercy, St. Michael, etc. Shows that God wants to grant us favors--if we will just pray!

    SKU: 44618

    Format: Paperback

    SKU: 44618
  • Queen Bee Lip Butter

    Queen Bee Lip Butter

    Queen Bee Lip Butter is handmade at Agnus Dei Farms in Alabama. This lip balm is a signature product of the Farm and enriched with the indescribable properties of honey and bee wax; this treasure is most certain to please. Queen Bee Lip Butter applies very smooth and rich with an almost immediate sensation of lubrication and protective sealing in of the moisture. Rich Ingredients include: Honey Bee Wax, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Organic Honey, Vitamin E and Holy Water. 

    This lip butter comes from Agnus Dei Farm in rural Alabama, operated by Deborah and John Giles, who make these products by hand from materials they grow and produce themselves. The vision of Agnus Dei Farm is to capture in every product the fruit of the land. As faithful Catholics, the Giles pray for God’s Peace to accompany every item into the world. They even add drops of holy water to their most popular items, including their beeswax products made by the farm's bee colonies, and their old-fashioned handmade soaps. 

    “Agnus Dei” in Latin means Lamb of God. Holy Scriptures define Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God who was slain for the sins of the world, bringing peace to those who receive Him. Many who have visited Agnus Dei Farm remark on its peacefulness, which the Giles hope is carried on in their products. is proud to help spread this peace by offering these lovely products to customers all over the world. 

    SKU: 46615

    SKU: 46615
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