Summer Statue Sale!

We’re kicking off our Summer Season of Savings with a Statue Sale! Fill your outdoor space with our selection of beautiful and exquisite Catholic Statues. Whether you’re looking for a statue of Our Lord, Our Lady or a Saint, we’ve got every statue for both indoors and outdoors. If you’ve been waiting all year to save … Continue Reading »

Prophecy of Abbe Souffrant

Could saints and mystics predict the future? And, if so, did they have anything to say about the times in which we currently live? We believe the answer to both questions is a clear yes, and the prophecies at offer proof that God has spoken through a number of different prophets. Abbe Souffrant was one such prophet … Continue Reading »

Auto Rosary Sale!

Travel with faith! For one week only, all of our auto rosaries on discounted an additional 12% off. These small, 1-decade rosaries are perfect for handing on your rearview mirror! Our enormous selection includes colors and styles for every taste and occasion. Just use coupon code AUTOROSARY18 at checkout to claim 12% off or your order of … Continue Reading »

Feast Day of Saint Joan of Arc

During the 100 Years War, the uncrowned King Charles VII sent Joan to the siege of OrlĂ©ans as part of a relief mission. She gained prominence after the siege was lifted only nine days later. Several additional swift victories led to Charles VII’s coronation at Reims. This long-awaited event boosted French morale and paved the way for the … Continue Reading »