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  • Book The Mass Explained And Illustrated

    Book The Mass Explained And Illustrated

    64 Pages of Easy to Follow Descriptions of the Main Parts of the Mass for Children. This Book The Mass Explained And Illustrated features the CatholicShop.com money-back guarantee.

    SKU: 37893
    SKU: 37893


  • Butterflies Under Our Hats

    Butterflies Under Our Hats

    By Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, illustrated by Joani Keller Rothenberg

    Folklore has been used throughout history to teach and inspire- this new release in paperback will do just that. Inspired by a Jewish folktale, this charming original story begins: Once there was a town called Chelm where there was no luck. If something could go wrong, it did. The roofs of the houses always leaked. The sidewalks were cracked. The gardens grew only weeds. Nothing was ever right. But just wait and find hope with best-selling author Sandy Eisenberg Sasso (nearly 500,000 copies of her books are in print).

    Sandy Eisenberg Sasso is the best-selling author of In God's Name, God's Paintbrush, Creation's First Light, and other books. She is a rabbi and director of the Religion, Spirituality and Arts Initiative at Butler University in Indianapolis. Joani Rothenberg is the illustrator of several children's books. She also lives in Indianapolis.

    SKU: 46478

    SKU: 46478


  • Catching Fire, Becoming Flame

    Catching Fire, Becoming Flame

    By Albert Haase, OFM

    Ever wonder how some people become enthusiastic and on fire about their relationship with God? In thirty-three short chapters, Albert Haase gives you the tools and kindling to prepare for the spark of God in your life — and thenshows you how to fan it into flame until you are set ablaze. This book glows with time-tested wisdom as an experienced spiritual director shares the secrets of the saints. Feel cold? Or maybe just smoldering? With supplemental readingsuggestions and reflection questions, this eminently practical book functions like a personal, spiritual retreat.

    "Fr. Albert embodies the message of this book. He is alive in the Spirit and engages others with the desire to fan into flame for God. This book and DVD are a must for an enriching parish faith sharing group oradult formation program."
    —Catherine S. Sims, MDiv, Pastoral Associate, Director of Adult Faith Formation, St. Joseph Parish, Libertyville IL

    "I have attended many retreats and presentations on the spiritual life. Fr Albert’s stand out because of his unique ability to make God so close and approachable."
    —Deacon Mark Cleary,Epiphany Church, Normal, IL

    "Fr. Albert Haase invites us to get serious about the spiritual journey. His humor and use of stories guide those who are willing to catch fire and become flame."
    —Sr. Monica Laws, OSF, PhD, VP Mission Integration, Hospital Sisters Health System

    "This is Christian spirituality at its finest: bold, vibrant, and down-to-earth. After reading this book and watching the DVD series, you’ll understand why Fr. Albert is invited all over North America to share his Franciscan wit and spiritual wisdom."
    —Rev. Thomas Fowler, Pastor of St. Mary’s Church, Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada

    "Fr. Albert has the unique ability to grab our attention and not let go. He’s an amazing storyteller and preacher who will help youdiscover the embers of the spiritual life that are smoldering deep within, just waiting to be set ablaze by God."
    —Don Schneider, Director of Evangelization & Catechesis, Archdiocese of Denver

    "This is a thoroughly ecumenical book in the best sense, one never loses sight of Fr. Albert’s Catholic perspective but readers from all Christian tradition will find help to grow in the their love of God."
    —Dr. James C. Wilhoit,Wheaton College

    SKU: 46510

    SKU: 46510


  • Catechism of the Catholic Church by Catholic church

    Catechism of the Catholic Church by Catholic church

    Second Edition

    Incorporates all the final modifications made in the official Latin text of the Catechism, and includes a more extensive analytical index and a new glossary of terms used. The Catechism draws from Scripture, Western and Eastern traditions of the Church, the Liturgy, Magisterium, the Code of Canon Law and the teachings of the saints.

    The first Universal Catechism in over 400 years, approved by Pope John Paul II and intended for all adult Catholics, this long-awaited historic document is a beautifully written and clearly stated synthesis of the Catholic Church's teaching on faith, morals, prayer, and the sacraments. 928 pages.

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  • Catholic Prayers

    Catholic Prayers

    This is probably the greatest little Catholic prayerbook you will ever encounter because it has over 100 Traditional Catholic prayers and is comprised of 4 Parts or sections: Part I contains the common prayers every Catholic should know by heart over 25 including the Acts of Faith, Hope, Love and Contrition, plus numerous short invocations. Part II contains over 25 especially powerful prayers: to Our lady, St. Joseph, St. Anne, St. Jude, St. Philomena, St. Anthony, etc. Part III contains miscellaneous favorite prayers: e.g., Morning Offering, Prayers to Our Lady, to St. Joseph for Purity, to overcome a bad habit, for grace, the Te Deum, Consecration to the Holy Ghost, etc. And Part IV contains various other "favorite prayers," such as for a happy death, the choice of a state of life, for priests, Fatima Prayers, for safe delivery of a baby, for the dying, for the dead, for the Poor Souls, etc. For a small package, this little Prayerbook is dynamite, and should be carried by all! Large Print.

    SKU: 23596


  • Celtic Blessings

    Celtic Blessings

    By The Editors of Paraclete Press

    Adults of all ages everywhere who feel stressedand unfocused are quieting their minds and souls by putting away the smart phones and tablets and picking up pencils, markers and crayons to color. At home, in waiting rooms, in churches, on road trips - coloring books for adults arebecoming more and more popular.

    These coloring books for adults from Paraclete are not only a simple path tomaking something beautiful, it has a spiritual element as well. For anyone who loves Celtic spirituality, coloring these 30 patterns each paired with a blessing, will relax the mind and enrich the heart.

    SKU: 46532

    SKU: 46532


  • Chance or Purpose? by Schoenborn

    Chance or Purpose? by Schoenborn

    Cardinal Christoph Schonborn’s article on evolution and creation in The New York Times launched an international controversy. Critics charged him with biblical literalism and “creationism". 184 pages.
    In this book, Cardinal Schönborn responds to his critics by tackling the hard questions with a carefully reasoned ""theology of creation"". Can we still speak intelligently of the world as “creation"" and affirm the existence of the Creator, or is God a “delusion""? How should an informed believer read Genesis? If God exists, why is there so much injustice and suffering? Are human beings a part of nature or elevated above it? What is man's destiny? Is everything a matter of chance or can we discern purpose in human existence?
    In his treatment of evolution, Cardinal Schönborn distinguishes the biological theory from “evolutionism"", the ideology that tries to reduce all of reality to mindless, meaningless processes. He argues that science and a rationally grounded faith are not at odds and that what many people represent as “science"" is really a set of philosophical positions that will not withstand critical scrutiny.
    Chance or Purpose? directly raises the philosophical and theological issues many scientists today overlook or ignore. The result is a vigorous, frank dialogue that acknowledges the respective insights of the philosopher, the theologian and the scientist, but which calls on them to listen and to learn from each another.
    SKU: 33824
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  • Christ: The Ideal of the Monk

    Christ: The Ideal of the Monk

    By Columba Marmion, OSB

    Columba Marmion believes that Christian discipleship means imitating Christ the Monk no matter your walk or way oflife. Christ is the divine model presented by God himself , the ideal of all holiness. By faith, we accept this holiness into our lives—but we must also allow Christ Jesus to become "the very life of our souls."

    This book, anabridged edition of the original, explores how this is possible by examining the writings of St. Paul and St. John in the light of the Gospels and, offering spiritual understanding to any Christian's religious life. Christ, the Ideal of the Monk sold 100,000 copies when it was published 90 years ago, one of many bestselling books written by the popular Irish-born monk, Columba Marmion, OSB, (1858-1923). He was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2000.

    SKU: 46515

    SKU: 46515


  • Coloring Book: Choirs of Angels by Sotnik

    Coloring Book: Choirs of Angels by Sotnik

    Lovely line drawings based on paintings by great masters grace every page of this coloring book. Accompanying each image is a quotation from the Holy Bible. Children will learn about the angels as they are vividly described in both the Old and New Testaments. They will come to know the angels as beautiful beings who worship, adore and serve the Lord in countless ways. 72 pages!

    SKU: 33820


  • Coloring Book: Communion of Saints by Sotnik

    Coloring Book: Communion of Saints by Sotnik

    As with the other popular coloring books in this series, beautiful line drawings based on paintings by great masters grace every page. The holy men and women chosen for this volume are organized chronologically, beginning with the principal characters in the life of Christ, the four evangelists, and the early martyrs, followed by modern favorites such as Th

    SKU: 33821


  • Coloring Book: Mother of God by Sotnik

    Coloring Book: Mother of God by Sotnik

    Beautifully drawn classic images of Our Lady and the Christ Child from famous shrines and miraculous images. Excellent short stories accompany each illustration to provide an outstanding resource for a child to be instructed in his faith while creatively coloring the glorious images of Mary. 35 finely drawn images of Our Lady, including Guadalupe, Fatima, Perpetual Help, Good Counsel, Czestochowa and more. 72 pages.

    SKU: 33822


  • Confession - A Little Book for the Reluctant

    Confession - A Little Book for the Reluctant

    This popular nineteenth century French Catholic writer has assembled over 30 common objections to going to Confession and has answered them all with kindness, wit and wisdom. A book to allay fears and to give courage in approaching Confession, that Sacrament which will unlock the Gates of Heaven for many. Includes How to go to Confession.

    SKU: 23597