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Cloud of Witnesses Card Pack


Each card box contains four (4) new Cloud of Witnesses cards and eleven (11) random cards from the earlier Redemption card sets. The approximate card mix is as follows:

4 Cloud of Witnesses cards (3 common, 1 rare or ultra-rare)
1 Warriors card (random)
3 Angel Wars cards (random)
3 Kings Cards (random)
2 Apostles cards (rare or ultra-rare)
2 Patriarchs cards (rare or ultra-rare)
Note: As with The Early Church cards, these cards are printed with a new printer and are cut slightly wider that previous Redemption cards. In keeping with our Tournament Rules, all Redemption decks in all sanctioned tournament events must be in card sleeves. By purchasing these cards, you understand that they are a slightly different size.

There are a total of 129 unique Cloud of Witnesses cards.

Buy a display box (24 packs) to save $12.00 and also get free shipping on your order.

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Cloud of Witnesses Card Pack