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Catholic Designer Jewelry

Catholic Designer Jewelry

Catholic Shop is proud to offer designer religious jewelry by companies like My Saint My Hero, which aims to transform the world one life at a time through the experience of being blessed and sharing that blessing with others.

With your purchases, you are empowering women in poor countries through meaningful work – helping them rise above poverty with the dignity of their beautiful trade.


  • Tan Confirmation Blessing Bracelet - Silver

    Handwoven in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina featuring 10 silver tone Benedictine medals and our signature "blessed" tag. Medals made in Italy. Each bracelet comes on a special Confirmation card. This bracelet comes on woven cording with a sliding slipknot for an easy fit. 9.5" when fully opened. CONFIRMATION The Spirit of the Lord is upon thee, He has anointed you to proclaim the Good News. - Luke 4:18 Wear this Confirmation Blessing Bracelet on your wrist to remind yourself that God has given you a mission to make the world a better place, and that you can choose to fulfill that mission by using your hands to do good.

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  • The Lord’s Prayer Morse Code Prayer Rope


    Ancient Christian tradition has a deep appreciation for the power of a symbol. An entire story can be packed into a single simple mark or object. Wear this prayer rope as your symbol of peace, knowing that the Our Father Prayer has been encoded using aqua crystals as the dots in Morse Code and topaz beads as the dashes. May you be wrapped in ancient tradition as you live each day building thy Kingdom…on earth as it is in heaven.

    Aqua and topaz 3 mm crystals, silver dipped bugle beads, two scapular medals, 52″ inch rope with a 2″ extender.

    The Lord’s Prayer Morse Code Prayer Rope can be worn as a single or double strand necklace or as a wrap bracelet.

    The Lord’s Prayer Morse Code Prayer Rope comes in a box with an inspirational card.

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    SKU: 44693


  • Trinity in Strength Necklace


    …a tiny triangle, three equal parts creating one Divine union in perfect balance. This Swarovski crystal represents the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
    Wear this necklace as a reminder of the armor of strength from our good and loving Father.

    The Trinity in Strength Necklace features a black 8 mm Swarovski crystal with a 1 cm gold dipped Benedictine medal on a 17 – 20″ gold-dipped chain, gold dipped My Saint My Hero logo charm at clasp.

    Trinity in Strength Necklace comes on an inspirational card.

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    (1 reviews)  
    SKU: 47481



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