Prophecy of Abbe Souffrant

Could saints and mystics predict the future? And, if so, did they have anything to say about the times in which we currently live? We believe the answer to both questions is a clear yes, and the prophecies at offer proof that God has spoken through a number of different prophets. Abbe Souffrant was one such prophet who died in 1828. This was his prophecy about the Holy Emperor:

“Before the Grand Monarch, terrible misfortunes are to arrive. The blood will flow in torrents, in the north and the south; the west will be spared because of its faith. But the blood will color so much to the north and to the south, that I see it flow like rain in a day of great storm, and I see the horses in blood up to their bridles. Paris will be destroyed, so much destroyed that the plow will pass it by…

“The Grand Monarch will do things so astonishing and so marvelous that the most unbelieving will be forced to recognize the finger of God. In his reign all justice will be rendered.



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